PET films
A-PET Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate  
  PET is the most reliable material for food packaging in the world. With a transparent and clear

  packaging, the customer can be sure of the freshness of the food inside.

  KPTECH PET sheet is very solid and safe from crack.

  We provide better thermoformability and efficiency for our forming customers.

  PETG for better adhesive property and printing quality for your logo is also available.
  In case you need more economical solution, we can also provide GAG sheet

  which allows you high quality with lower cost. Anti-fog, Anti-static, Anti-blocking function

  is available upon your demand

     Clear, Transparency and high glossy surface

     Gas barrier to sustain taste and flavor of food

     Outstanding formability which allows deep drawing

     Eco friendly and 100% recyclability

     No hazardous gas in incineration